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About Us
  • Company name : Dalian Runsen precision machining Co.,Ltd.

  • Registered capital : 200Ten thousand yen

  • Legal representative : Xingmin Jiang

  • Total Employees : 10 people

  • Contact us :

  • Management idea : Quality is life

  • Business scope : General mechanical parts processing, precision parts processing, fixture parts processing, mold parts processing, welding processing, casting, forging, sheet metal, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc. Mainly related to automation equipment, mold parts, working machinery, semiconductor equipment, artificial intelligence, etc

  • Main Equipment : Machining center, CNC lathe, milling machine, surface grinder, wire cutting, sawing machine and other common equipment. In addition, common inspection tools such as plug gauge, thread gauge, digital caliper, micrometer, tool microscope and three-dimensional element are also available.

  • Set up the time : June 18, 2020

  • Head office factory : Mai Jia Tun, Minhe village, Jinzhou station, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China

  • Available language : Chinese 、Japanese 、English


Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city - Dalian, China.Because the company has its own factory, it can provide high-quality, short delivery period and low-cost goods.The company can correspond from single product processing to batch production. It also owns Runsen group, including one-stop manufacturing services such as casting, forging, stamping, welding, sheet metal, precision machining, surface treatment and heat treatment.The main business contents are as follows:General mechanical parts processing, precision parts processing, fixture parts processing, mold parts processing, welding processing, casting, forging, sheet metal, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.Mainly engaged in automation equipment related, mold parts, working machinery, semiconductor equipment related, artificial intelligence and other equipment parts.

The materials that can be cut in machining are stainless steel, aluminum, brass, iron, carbon steel, nylon, resin, plexiglass, etc.Heat treatment includes quenching, tempering, annealing, high frequency quenching, vacuum quenching, carburizing quenching, soft nitriding and other ordinary heat treatments.Surface treatment includes polishing, mirror polishing, blue and white zinc, color zinc plating, chromium plating (hard, decorative), nickel plating (electrolytic ・ no electrolysis), anodic oxidation (natural color, color, hard), sand blasting, coating and other ordinary surface treatment.

At present, our factory has a few equipment such as machining center, CNC lathe, wire cutting, surface grinder, milling machine, lathe and sawing machine. In order to provide better services for customers, we intend to make a lot of equipment investment and continue to introduce advanced processing equipment.We not only face domestic customers in China, but also aim at globalization. Needless to say, we can also cope with the communication in Japanese and English. We have the right to import and export.Now, we mainly deal with Japanese customers, and there are about 10 companies that deal directly.

Since its establishment, the company has been operating with the concept of "quality is life".Fortunately, so far, the price, delivery date, quality, packaging and other aspects of the products have been satisfied and praised by customers.Continuously meeting the requirements of customers is the eternal theme of the company's development.In addition, in terms of technology, we are also constantly innovating and making progress.In terms of ideology, we will strive to keep pace with the times and meet customer requirements all the time.

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Advantages of Runsen

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You can reply within one hour after receiving the quotation entrustment.

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Provide customized machining of precision mechanical parts.

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It can be mapped from single product to batch.


Company philosophy: quality is life.


Dalian Runsen precision machining Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating machining parts, precision machining parts, fixture parts, mold parts, welding parts, casting parts, metal parts and high-precision parts. The main machining parts are used in automation equipment related, mold parts, machine tools, industrial equipment, food processing machinery, fixture related, semiconductor device related, artificial intelligence and other fields.